Guatemala 2018

Carpenters for Christ and Youth for Christ will be taking a group to Zacappa, Guatemala this summer.  

Last year we had a group ranging from age 10 to 79, so there’s something for everyone. You do not need any special skills to be a part of this trip. There will be Construction, Medical and Evangelism teams. You can participate in any or all of them. You do not have to have any special skills to help on any of the teams. “God does not need your ability, He needs your availability”.

 We will travel to Hope of Life which consists of about 3,000 acres in a secure compound. There is a nursing home on site, as well as a hospital, special needs center, preschool, elementary school, high school and vocational school. There will be plenty of opportunity to love on the children at the hospital and preschool.  Our group will work with the special needs children, visit the elderly at the nursing home. There will be a construction project which could be masonry or wood.

All meals and water are provided at Hope of Life. We will have short devotions after breakfast each morning before beginning our work for the day as well as a short worship service each night. This will include share time for the day’s events.

We will take food to the landfill and feed the people. The people work there going through the garbage in order to survive. Hope of Life sends food to them three times a week and that’s how they survive. We will also have an opportunity to share the Gospel with them while we are there.

It’s amazing that every time we do this trip we hear the same comments: “I do not want to go home” and “I’m coming back next year”. This past year we had a 15 year old student from Byrnes High School share her faith for the first time and led someone to Christ. At the end of the week she shared that she felt God calling her to be a missionary.

This trip is life-changing. You go thinking you are going to bless the people there but you come back being blessed yourself. You will feel closer to God than ever. You will also come home with a new family. There is a bond formed within the group that is amazing.
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