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Family Discipleship Seminar for Parents – Begins January 7

I want to invite parents of children and youth (and couples who plan to have children) to join the Younger Couples’ Sunday School class that I teach for a Family Discipleship Seminar, January 7 – February 25 (eight weeks). Mike Sterlachini will be leading this seminar during the Sunday School hour in the Fellowship Hall. He will be sharing how and why the church can partner with parents in discipling the next genera- on. He will address concerns parents have about discipling their children, and share ways to overcome them. Mike will also review some of the methods and resources available to parents to help them effectively disciple their children/youth. Participants will have an opportunity to provide input on how our church can better equip parents to disciple their children, and how we can develop a dynamic family ministry here at PFBC.

I encourage all parents of children and youth (and future parents) to attend this class. You can sign up in the vestibule beginning this Sunday. Parents, please invite your friends from outside our church who have children or youth to come with you. I think this seminar will be a great help to all Christian parents who care about their children’s spiritual well-being.