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The Pastor’s Perspective – May 1, 2022

Dear First Family,
It is with joy and excitement that I look forward to a month of May (and beyond) of worship with you! As you know, April was, for my family and me, a month of events that seldom come around in a lifetime. My family was welcomed into a body of believers and we have concluded a decade and half with another body of believers. That makes for a rollercoaster ride in one month. The grace of God, your kind words, and your prayers have been a constant reassurance for my family and me. We have sought your prayers and we are seeing answers. I asked for you to pray that I finish well. April 24th concluded my preaching ministry. I asked many of you to pray that my Ole Miss graduating daughter would find a teaching job, and she did!! Throughout that time I have prayed for Pickens First Baptist and our days together.
The month of May is a crucial month. Not only is it a month filled with celebrations of Godly mothers, congratulations to our graduates, and appreciation to those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, but it is also the month before the “Long, Hot Summer.” I call it that because nothing is really normal at church during the summer. There are more vacations than normal, less opportunities for weekly ministry, and more opportunities to do missional work. Between your week off and another one’s week off, we miss each other. Lives are changed during the summer, lifelong memories are made, but it is, no doubt, different days. Therefore, let’s make the most of May together.
This Sunday I will begin a one month series entitled “First Things First”. I want to begin our time together by making clear what my priorities are as your pastor. What we talk about in May is really the foundation of what drives my passion in ministry. Pray that we start strong, and, on a personal note, please pray that our new housing is secure. Again, I look forward to these much anticipated days.
It is a joy to be your pastor.