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The Pastor’s Perspective – May 15, 2022

Dear First Family,

What a wonderful day of worship on Sunday! It is wonderful to acknowledge Godly ladies that make a difference in our lives and in our church. It is my hope that ladies were honored and God was glorified.

Deacon Election is this Sunday. Names of male members that are eligible to be considered have been made available this month. You have been encouraged to use that sheet as a prayer list for God to lead you to the right men to lead us through deacon ministry. It is wonderful when God has placed good leaders in the church that are faithful and knowledgeable in the multiple matters that the church needs insights on. We are blessed to have men that come from many walks of life. However, the most important part of being a deacon is not a man’s knowledge and know-how of a walk of life, but a man’s walk with God. I am fully convinced that God can give us all the guidance that we need when we rely on Him. We need servant leaders that will rely upon the Lord. We need men that support faithfully, worship faithfully, pray faithfully, and seek the Lord through His Word faithfully. I am thankful that this church has good, Godly deacons that are wonderfully faithful. They bless my heart as we pray together every Sunday morning before worship. Let’s make sure the men that will serve next in this capacity are faithful as well.

We will also honor our graduates this week. Be sure to encourage them as they accomplish this major step in their education, and begin their walk into the next stage of life. Our encouragement at this point could be crucial for their walk with the Lord and our ability to minister to them in the future.

Thank you again for being so kind to us. It is a joy to be your pastor.