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Connect with the life of our Church in a new way!

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Church Center is a mobile app and web experience where you can explore what's going on in our Church, engage with our members, and get involved in new ways.

Secure Giving, Simplified


This system allows you to give via ACH bank transfer. For convenience, we've enabled giving through debit cards and credit cards for an additional fee. Giving and managing recurring donations is easy since all your payment methods are saved in your profile! Donation history for the past 7 years will be available in the latter part of 2024. Our legacy giving system will become inaccessible in Quarter 2 of 2024. 

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Church Groups, Strengthened

Church groups, whether large or small, have a place in Church Center!

Church Center allows us to cultivate community by making small groups accessible for everyone, whether you're just looking at PFBC for the first time or you been a part of our family for generations!

Groups can make group-wide announcements and facilitate discussions through the chat functionality. Group leaders can manage their group calendar and facilitate materials with group members so they can stay engaged with the group.

Church Events, Centralized

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We've got so much going on at our Church that we're sure you can find a place to fit in! Church Center enables you to quickly find out what's going on in the life of our Church.


You can see our Church calendar and sign up for events right in Church Center! You're able to view specific details like the time, date, frequency, and a description of the event.

Church Directory, Modernized

Members of Pickens First Baptist Church have access to a directory of other members. You can update your contact information at any time. You can also choose what personal information you share with other Church members. You can keep your email address, phone number, or mailing address private!

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