Sunday School Relaunch

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, we are relaunching our Sunday School and small groups. 

  • Relaunch Your Personal Faithfulness to a Sunday School Class or Small Group.
  • Relaunch an “in-reach”, outreach, and ministry plan in each Sunday School Class.
  • For those who have not found a Sunday School or small class, who are new to PFBC, or who are our guests and want to know more, the Pastor is offering a 4 week intro Sunday School class entitled, “What Does IT Mean?”We will explore the basics of the Baptist Faith, the ministry of PFBC, and the walk of a the ideal place to jump in and be a part. 


Youth Fall Retreat – 2022

2022 Fall Youth Retreat

The Pickens First Baptist Church youth ministry will have a combined fall retreat with East Pickens Baptist Church at Awanita Valley on November 11-13, 2022. This will be a time for fellowship and spiritual growth. 

The cost of the retreat is $130. This will cover the cost of lodging and meals. A deposit of $50 is due at the time of signup. A payment of $50 is due on September 30. A final payment of $30 is due on November 10. 

These payments can be made online or via cash or check (written to PFBC). 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Colton Ashley at 864-420-6454. 


The Pastor’s Perspective – June 26, 2022

Dear First Family,

I was not where I intended to be last Sunday.  I had highly anticipated preaching on Father’s Day, dedicating a child, and being a part of Vacation Bible School. However, as I have shared with you, I was struck down with Covid. (At least, at times, it felt like a strike down.) However, I now anticipate much more what is coming over the next two Sundays.

This Sunday we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together during worship,  Prepackaged juice cups will be available in the foyer as you come in.  In preparation for our time together, I encourage you to read over 1 Corinthians 11.  This chapter is Paul’s instructions telling us how to take the Lord’s Supper and how to prepare for the Lord’s Supper.  Prepare for a wonderful time with your church in worship around the table of the Lord.

The following Sunday will be July 3rd.  Our worship time together will be followed by a Freedom Fellowship Meal.  Hamburgers, beans, chips, and drinks are provided. If you would like to bring a dessert, we promise to eat it.  This meal will be right after morning worship, so come to Sunday School and stay all the way through lunch as we celebrate the freedom that we have to meet in His Name in our country.

I am biting at the bit to get back with you. It is a joy to be your pastor.



New Sunday School Series – “Basecamp”

Our study on John 1-3 has come to an end. It was a good series, but I am really looking forward to the next several weeks. Over the course of the next few weeks (until promotion Sunday) we will be going through a study that I am calling “Basecamp.” The purpose of this study is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be active students of the Bible. We will define core theological ideas (i.e. sanctification, justification, etc.). Additionally, we will review the Baptist Faith and Message. We will also discuss some effective strategies students can implement to make their personal study of scripture more focused.


Independence Day Cookout

Sunday, July 3rd immediately after morning worship. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, beans, and drinks provided. Feel free to bring desserts.


The Pastor’s Perspective – June 12, 2022

Dear First Family,

After a weekend away to do a wedding in Mississippi, I am looking forward to worship on Sunday! I am excited about it for several reasons. Let me share the two that stand out the most to me.

On Sunday we will begin a new sermon series entitled “Stories Jesus Told.” This is a sermon series on the Parables of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. I love a good story. No one tells them better than the Master Teacher, Jesus, Himself. No one retells them with more color and detail than Dr. Luke in his gospel. There is also no better truth to be taught than a Gospel Truth through a Biblical parable. Pray now that God’s personalized message to each one of us will be clear, constructive, and convicting. May God have His Will and Way in our midst.

I am also looking forward to this weekend because of our time with Griffin Ebenezer Church. We will share a wonderful meal and fellowship with them at their church on Saturday. On Sunday at 4 PM we will worship together in our sanctuary. This is a treasured opportunity. Do not miss this “red letter day.” May we make a strong statement with a bold and unified witness to our community that unifies and builds bonds when His People follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.

It is a joy to be your pastor. I look forward to our time together.



The Pastor’s Perspective – May 29, 2022

Dear First Family,

I want to begin by thanking you for great days of worship. The music ministry is a blessing and your kindness throughout these days of transition has been amazing. Thank you for all you do for the Lord.

During the discussions with the search team, I brought up that I had started a midday time of worship on Wednesday that I called Midweek Prayer and Bible Study. Due to regular Wednesday evening events being inactive during the summer, I had a plan to only meet at that midday time for the upcoming summer. The idea caught on in the meeting. The deacons liked it as well, therefore, based upon some of those discussions, please notice a change for the summer months. A Wednesday evening opportunity for adults that are not in choir will return during the fall semester. Beginning June 1:

Midweek Prayer and Bible Study
11:30 AM Each Wednesday
A Study of the Songs of the Ascents (Psalm 120-134)
Invite a friend and take them to lunch.
If you are not out of town for Memorial Day weekend, be sure to be in your place for Sunday School and worship this Sunday.
It is a joy to be your pastor.


Youth Summer Calendar

I wanted to share some dates for our Youth Ministry for Summer 2022!
  • Wednesday, June 1: No Youth
  • Wednesday, June 8: Youth at 6 PM
  • Sunday, June 12: Youth Fellowship
  • Wednesday, June 15: No Youth
  • Wednesday, June 22: No Youth
  • Friday, June 24: Carowinds
  • Wednesday, June 29: Youth at 6 PM
  • Wednesday, July 6: No Youth
  • Sunday, July 10: Youth Fellowship
  • Wednesday, July 13th: No Youth
  • Friday, July 15: Event at Kolats (dinner, bon fine, etc.)
  • Wednesday, July 20th: Youth at 6 PM
  • Wednesday, July 27: Youth at 6 PM
This is going to be a great summer! 


The Youth Are Headed to Carowinds!

General Information

Youth can go to Carowinds on Friday, June 24, 2022 with PFBC. We will be riding the church bus. We will leave PFBC at 7AM and leave Carowinds at 7PM. We will be back at PFBC around 9:45 PM. 

Please pay PFBC $50 in the form of cash or check for the cost of admission and lunch!

Students should bring enough money for breakfast, snacks and dinner. Lunch is covered in the cost of the trip. 

Student should bring sunscreen and a change of clothing (you never know what might happen!)

Please text Colton Ashley with any questions. His number is 864-420-6454.


The Pastor’s Perspective – May 22, 2022

Dear First Family, 

Last Sunday, I introduced a Bible Reading Plan that allows each of us to read God’s Word on the same plan in such a way that we can connect with each other around God’s Word.  I cannot think of a better way for God’s People to grow more in Christ and more united for His Cause that common Scripture that speaks to us daily.  I want to add to that discussion and reiterate some of what I shared with the following suggestions:
  1. Pick up a bookmark or go to here.  The bookmarks are available in the church office, at the Welcome Center, and in the foyer.  The church website even allows you to “add to your calendar” on your phone for a daily reminder. 
  2. Start Journaling.  Write down what God shows you.  Write down those that you are praying for.  Keep a record of the spiritual journey that God is leading you on. Life Journals with the reading plan and an “express” reading plan are available in the office for $7. However, you do not have to buy a journal to read God’s Word.  A spiral notebook is fine and, as I use, a moleskine type, hard back journal works great.  
  3. Encourage your children to start reading, journaling, and interacting with the Word of God.  The Children’s Journals that are available are awesome and have three different reading levels.  They start with ages 8 or younger and encourage just a few verses a day to 12 year olds reading about a dozen verses.  
  4. The greatest part of this is the interaction that can come from it.  You interact with the Holy Spirit as you read.  After reading, you can interact with others, because children, express readers, and classic readers are all reading from the same text. You will cover more than your children cover each day, but you will cover their scripture in your reading. It is a great family devotion starter and it is not hard to do.
  5. Post your verse.  Share it, text it, build accountability with others.  As iron sharpens iron, let us sharpen one another to spend time daily in God’s Word. 
  6. If you run out of time or miss a day, do not try to make it up.  People that try to read the Bible through do well until they hit Leviticus. 
In February, often, the wheels come off and it is given up or they are always trailing behind and feeling defeated.  Be defeated no longer.  If you read the Classic Reading Plan, you will read through the Bible in a year and the New Testament twice, BUT that is not the goal.  The goal is daily time with the Lord. If you miss a day, the grace of God is great.  Do not fret.  Do not make it up.  Start with the next day on the next day.  
In other words, as I said Sunday, wash up (let the Spirit of God thorugh the Word of God clean you up) and eat.  Get on a spiritual self-feeding program. You need to sup on God’s Word more than just on Sunday.  If I can help in anyway on your journey, just let me know. 
It is a joy to be your pastor.